Replacement Canvas for Lightboxes

Replacement of the fabric of lightboxes in a variety of standard or custom formats.

Suggested retail price 45.33 $1783.11 $


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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

One-Sided, Two-Sided


48”x48”, 48”x24”, 36”x84”, 36”x72”, 36”x36”, 48”x60”, 60”x48”, 60”x60”, 60”x84”, 60”x120”, 72”x24”, 72”x84”, 96”x30”, 96”x48”, 108”x96”, 118”x96”, 36”x24”, 24”x96”, 24”x60”, 20”x30”, 24”x24”, 24”x30”, 24”x42”, 96”x24”, 96”x36”

  • Canvas printed on diffuser fabric by sublimation as for the original.
  • Silicone band sewn on four (4) sides, for insertion in the front groove of the case.
  • Already own one of these light boxes, a prerequisite.
  • Make sure to provide a digital print file in the exact format of the frame to guarantee the compatibility of the canvas.
  • A quote can be obtained from customer service.

Fabric: Briteray - Warp-knitted fabric, 100% polyester, reflects light, fire-resistant


M&M Graphic Warranty

With its M & M Guarantee Graphic is committed to delivering quality print works in accordance with the terms and conditions listed below.

  • This warranty applies to all printing or finishing defects caused by M&M Graphic or that do not correspond to the specifications and / or customer-approved proof.
  • The M&M Graphic Warranty is valid fifteen (15) days after delivery of the product.

Note: For any printed canvas with internal use, the guarantee against fading is 5 years if there is no UV contact.

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