Join the creation incubator

Boost your creativity with a design community

Are you a designer? This should be of particular interest to you: discover our brand new concept of creation incubator.

What is it about?

It’s simple: the creation incubator is a virtual place where all new product ideas are discussed, shared, developed. It’s like a place of creation with an open book, brainstorming of ideas, suggestions for new solutions for interior decoration products, but also for design in its purest form. Nowadays, it is possible to transform an indoor environment so that it looks like a museum or a timeless place, thanks to products printed on fabric with endless visuals of your choice!

How it works? Want to participate in the incubator?

As you are forward thinking and bubbling with ideas, you probably want to be part of the movement. Nothing easier. Register in the “Designer Space” section of our website. You will be asked a few questions to find out “what kind” of designer you are, what your preferences are, your most used products, and so on. Once officially registered in the incubator, you will benefit from exceptional advantages such as: an X% discount on all your orders at M&M Graphic, a VIP privileged service with graphic advice, a free “on the field” visit service, and other new offers to come!

Your creative mind is an essential resource for us. What we want is to have the privilege of knowing your inspirations, your needs, your ideas for new products, and your multiple influences. We look forward to talk to you about your future creations! We’re here to help you make a world of wonders a reality.

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