Replacement Canvas for Square Flag

You can produce new Square flags at will once you have obtained the structure and the base. You can even decide to change the size if you wish. 

Suggested retail price 168.87 $ - 690.38 $

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 23.5 × 13.5 × 1 in

One-Sided, Two-Sided


Small, Medium, Large

  • Already own the structure of the Square flag and its base, prerequisites.
  • As for the original, the canvas is offered in three (3) different sizes. 
  • Printing is possible one-side or two-sides.
  • You must make sure to use the right template corresponding to the exact format of the flag to guarantee the compatibility of the canvas when sending the digital file.
  • Request for a quote from customer service.

Fabric: Flag fabric - Warp knit fabric, 100% polyester, lightweight, fire-resistant


Outdoor Products Warranty

For all sublimation products used outdoors, it is important to know that the discolouration starts from the first days (which is a standard in the industry) but will not be noticeable to the eye for several months. Discolouration will be faster for products that remain permanently outdoors compared to those that are used occasionally.

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