Backpack with Flag

The backpack with flag is a perfect product for mobile promotion in the field. Ideal during outdoor events, several agencies decide to wear the backpack with flag to employees responsible for informing or providing assistance to visitors during shows or sports competitions, for example.

As these people are constantly moving through the crowd, they can both answer people’s questions and provide assistance if some of them are feeling unwell. This kind of situation sometimes happens in major events and the organizers take the necessary precautions to be able to offer first aid to visitors while waiting for help.

The backpack with flag is a product consisting of two elements as the name suggests: a backpack and a flag. The backpack is made of durable, quality canvas in the color black. It comes with the flag holder which is fixed on the solid part of the bag, on its structure. The straps are comfortable and adjustable.

As for the flag, it comes in two designs: the Square Flag and the Drop Flag. In both cases, it is available in one-sided or two-sided printing.

The Square flag is available in 20” width and 38” height.

The Drop flag, on the other hand, is available in a 21” wide and 42” high format.

In addition, for the Drop flag model, it is possible to order the flag with or without black elastic band. When a black elastic band needs to be added to the flag, it is sewn around the edge. Adding this feature will reinforce the taut hem of the flag.

The Square flag does not need black elastic as it is not stretched sideways like the Drop.

Also note that despite the two standard formats described above for the Square flag and the Drop flag, it is always possible to order flags in different sizes, therefore made to measure. On this subject, just speak with a representative at M&M Graphic and he will be happy to transmit what is possible to produce according to the possibilities of the pole attached to the backpack and the desired flag model. You just have to make sure that the desired format is compatible with that of the structure. For example, it will not be possible to order a flag with a width other than 20” for the Square model because the pole has a dimension of 20” in length. On the other hand, the height is flexible, that is, it is possible to make a flag shorter in height. The maximum display capacity that the pole can accommodate is 38” in height.

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