Beach Umbrella

M&M Graphic has been manufacturing parasols for many years. Obviously very popular in summer, the umbrella is the perfect product to brighten up restaurant terraces or to install in your backyard near the swimming pool.

The usefulness of the parasol is twofold: it protects from the sun on hot summer days and allows the canvas to be fully printed with the visual of its choice. The parasol brings a festive touch to the place where it is installed and invites people to take shelter there. It is the ideal product to promote a company or a brand, because its fabric attracts the eye since it is placed at a height that makes it very visible.

Available with or without valance, the parasol is 100% customizable. As with all canvases printed at M&M Graphic, each order is processed to measure, with a different visual from one customer to another. When the desired umbrella template is downloaded from the website, you must ensure that it is the correct file, i.e. the file corresponding to the desired umbrella model, with or without valance.

The parasol is made of a wooden support, resistant and durable. The umbrella stand has a diameter of seven (7) feet when opened. Its total height is just over eight (8) feet, 99” to be exact. The center post diameter is 1.25”. It should also be noted that the base is not included. Often the umbrella pole goes through a circular opening in the center of a patio table and is inserted into a round, plastic base that is filled with water and rests on the ground under the table.

The manufacturing time of the parasol is 10 working days minimum. This delay is necessary due to the finishing of the canvas which requires a lot of time from the sewing department. This detail must therefore be considered when ordering. The production time may vary depending on the season and the level of traffic at the workshop. One of the M&M representatives can confirm the lead times at the time of ordering.

As with all products that come with a structure, you can order the structure and the umbrella canvas when ordering the first time, then order only a replacement canvas thereafter, if necessary.

M&M Graphic is proud to have a professional and competent multidisciplinary team. Its graphic designers, pressmen and finishing experts are accustomed to meeting major challenges. It is therefore possible to manufacture parasol fabrics for structures that come from elsewhere. To achieve this, simply bring the umbrella structure and it will be evaluated in the workshop. We will take the measurements and create a custom electronic file in order to be able to print a perfectly compatible canvas. No challenge can be met at M&M.

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