Carrying Bag with Wheels

The Rolling Carry Bag is one of the accessory options on the very last page of the M&M product catalog. It is not included with the purchase of a structure, except for the Ez-Tube Light which is an exception. It must therefore be ordered as an option.

Of course, the majority of the structures in the catalog come with a carrying bag included, but this is a basic model, without rigid sides and without wheels.

The wheeled transport bag offers several advantages. When compared to the standard bag that is included with the purchase of most structures, we first notice that it is larger, with dimensions of 18” wide x 14” deep x 32” in height. In addition, its shape is semi-rigid, formed of a flexible plastic wall which is covered with a black canvas. This semi-rigid wall is a feature that provides better protection for products during transport.

Another advantage offered by this bag is that it is mounted on wheels. It is therefore easy to transport, no matter what it contains.

Finally, as a third advantage, the rolling bag has a retractable handle. This advantage greatly improves the handling of the wheeled bag because it allows it to be moved effortlessly. As the handle can be extended or retracted, this allows the bag to take up as little space as possible and to store optimally when on the move.

The wheeled transport bag can contain the Pop Up Display and equivalent structures in terms of dimensions.
This product is also recommended to contain the four (4) LED curtains when the Pop Up Light is ordered. Indeed, when this structure is delivered, the LED curtains come in four (4) individual bags and the moldings come in a box separately. Only the basic bag is included to contain the structure and the canvas. It is therefore very useful to have a transport bag with wheels to transport the four (4) bags of LED curtains as well as the bag of moldings. If you wish to combine all the components of the Pop Up Light in a single container, it is also possible to order only the rigid transport box. The latter can contain the structure, the canvas, the four (4) LED curtains as well as the box of moldings. It thus offers optimal protection, as it is made of quality rigid plastic.

As for the Ez-Tube Light, it is sold with the transport bag on wheels and the latter is included in the price. Thus, you can carry the four (4) LED curtains with it. The basic carry bag is also included with the purchase of the Ez-Tube Light structure.

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