Circular fiberglass structure

The circular fiberglass structure is an ideal product for hanging a display above a stand at a trade show or exhibition.

Designed in fibreglass, the circular structure is made up of two rings, one for the top and one for the bottom. These two rings are supplied in connectable sections. Once assembled, each ring is inserted into a hem at the top and bottom of the canvas which connects them together. To suspend the structure, three (3) eyelet-reinforced perforations are installed in the top of the canvas, equidistant from each other. Rings connected to cables can then be hooked to these eyelets and the installation of the structure can then take place.

As the name suggests, the structure is circular in shape, so visually round. This product is available in three (3) sizes: 57” diameter x 30” height, 78” diameter x 30” height and 98” diameter x 33” height.

The canvas is printable on the front only, so in this case the printed side is visible from the outside. The inside of the canvas, therefore its back, remains white without printing.

The circular fiberglass structure offers a beautiful display solution that allows for hanging, while remaining affordable. On the other hand, it does not come with a carrying bag and is fragile when traveling. It would therefore be wise to provide for the purchase of a rigid transport box when ordering this product, or at the very least to provide a packaging solution that protects the fiberglass tubes during handling of the structure. As for the canvas, it is not very fragile. So it can be folded and packed in a bag.

The electronic templates for the preparation of the print file for the circular structure are available online on the website in the “Downloads / Templates” section. As there are three (3) format options available of circular fiberglass structure, there are three (3) templates prepared 100% in the final format. As with all files to be prepared for all products, bleed margins must be reserved on the four sides of the final format. The lost margins correspond to an overflow of color or image voluntarily outside the final format. It allows you to print larger than the desired final format in order to give yourself room for maneuver when cutting and also as a sewing value, when you have to sew hems on a canvas. In the case of the circular fiberglass structure, there are sewing hems at the top and bottom of the canvas, so this is applicable here. The bleed value (also called bleed) is clearly indicated in the template file. Just take that into account when assembling.

Do not hesitate to ask the representative questions about bleeds or any other element included in the electronic template for the preparation of the file. Taking the time to fully understand these important concepts is key to the success of any printing project. A perfectly mounted file already represents 50% of the success of the order!

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