Communication: validate, revalidate and request written confirmation

From the very first contact with the customer, until the end of the production of his order, communication with the M&M Graphic team is paramount. Whether in the form of a phone call, a face-to-face meeting or by email, the representatives and project managers are present and accompany the customer throughout the processing of the order.

In large format printing, compared to other types of printing, the cost of orders is high. As the formats are very large and sublimation printing is a high quality industrial process, the prices reflect this reality.

This is why it is absolutely necessary to validate each step of the order processing process with the customer, one step at a time, and to ask for written confirmation of the latter’s approval in order to avoid any possible misunderstanding. The customer is responsible for verifying that his order corresponds to 100% of his expectations; that is to say that it is complete and that the visual(s) are ready for printing, with the right formats, the right colors and all the elements, without spelling mistakes.

At M&M Graphic, there are two written approvals: one to officially approve a submission before it is turned into an order, and a second to approve the prepress-processed design(s) to go to the presses.

For the approval of the quote, if it is the representative who sent a price by email following a price request, simply return an email to him or her with the mention: “I approve this quote” . If the order was placed online, clicking the “order” and “pay” button and then making payment will initiate the order fulfillment process.

Regarding the approval of the visuals before going to print, there are several elements to check before returning a written approval.

The document is called “Approval PDF”. This electronic proof contains not only the visual to be processed on the presses, but also all the information relating to the processing of the order: the format, the quantity, the finish, the name of the project or the purchase order, the name of the customer, the specific colors to respect, the resolution of the file, and also additional notes if necessary. The customer must verify all this information and validate it.

It is at this stage that he must react if an element is missing in the composition of the visual, if he notices a spelling error or any other anomaly. He then communicates with his or her representative to have him modify the order with the correct information, or to send him a new revised file. Changes at this stage are normally free of charge, as the files have not been sent to the presses, so the canvases have not yet been printed. On the other hand, if the processing of the files was important, for example because there were several different visuals, there may be a charge for the computer graphics service. For details on this subject, if ever this should happen, will be communicated by the representative.

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