Costume printing: an art in itself

Since M&M Marketing has presses that are 60” wide and others that are 126” wide, it is possible to print on rolls for seamstresses specializing in the production of costumes and sets, theater or dance, museums, etc. It is no coincidence that the fabric rolls are supplied in a 60” wide format by the manufacturer. 124” rolls are also available, but in this case, double-sided printing is not possible, for technological and technical reasons only.

Cirque du Soleil

As Cirque du Soleil is a customer of M&M, it is a privilege to print all their costumes on fabric. Since the Cirque has its own costume workshop with its own seamstresses, we deliver the printed material in rolls directly to their workshop; they take care of the finishing themselves.

The artists who work at the Cirque workshop will apply airbrush paint, glitter, as well as various appliqués in all colors and textures, depending on the theme of the show. For more details, visit the section of the Cirque website that deals with the subject:

For their part, they have mannequin models for each of the artists in the shows in three (3) versions: one at the height of the artist when taking measurements, one 5 lbs thinner and one 5 lbs higher. This means the performer needs to be serious about weight control as they can only lose or gain 5 lbs for the duration of their show engagement!

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens

In 2018, a team from M&M Marketing had the wonderful opportunity to meet the head of the costume workshop at Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal. The organization’s objective was to change its costumes for the new Rite of Spring show. The dance company needed advice for their search for projected texture files and also for the preparation of their electronic file for production.

Thanks to a suggested image bank site and with the help of specialized sites, we were able to find a rusty metal texture, as in his concept. Subsequently, we were able to discuss the best format to integrate a camisole (men) and a dress (women) in the same rectangle to be printed, then reproduce it according to the number of dancers. It was ultimately determined that a 36” x 120” format was perfect. A total of 25 copies were printed. Sewing and try-on tests on the artists had been carried out beforehand, to ensure that the fabric was comfortable for the artists and that the 36” x 120” format was large enough to contain the two pieces “in front and “back” included. Mission accomplished! To see the Grands Ballets Canadiens website:

Tailor-made costumes for event agencies

Whether it’s for waiters, stage artists, animators, mascots or whimsical characters, agencies sometimes ask to produce costumes for them. The possibilities are limitless: it’s about drawing and designing the costumes and having a digital “pattern” made for printing.

For example, below you can admire the work of Lorie Hamel, a body painting artist who collects character creation contracts to amaze participants at events of all kinds. To visit the website of the winner of numerous international awards:

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