The counter offered in the M&M Graphic product catalog is a model with a metal structure. It folds like scissors for easy transport. The top panel is in beige imitation wood laminate.

A shelf is included, positioned inside the counter, 8″ below the top panel. Ideal for storing personal effects or promotional documents, it is discreet and very useful. Its finish is the same as the top panel.

The counter comes with a canvas printed to customer specifications. This covers the front and sides of the structure, leaving the back unobstructed. The sling is attached to the counter using velcro sewn on the back, top and bottom. It is therefore very easy to install and uninstall.

The electronic template for the canvas is available online on the website in the “Downloads/Templates” section. It’s all about creating a vibrant color montage that will showcase the business or organization! No Color Limit: Fabric sublimation can print thousands of shades as well as very vivid colors.

The counter can be purchased alone or in duo with the Pop Up Display, or another model of structure, such as Ez-Tube for example.

Like most structures that M&M Graphic offers, the counter comes with a carry bag.

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