Differences between M&M Graphic and other large format printers

In a previous article, we presented what distinguished M&M Graphic from other sublimation printers on fabric in Quebec. We will now target the main differences between the largest large format printers in Quebec and the production plan proposed by M&M.

First of all, the first big difference is that at M&M Graphic, we only print on fabric. Other companies of its kind in Quebec often print on several different materials: vinyl banner, printing on rigid products such as PVC or cardboard, and also sometimes offer CNC cutting, acrylic paint, hot bending and others. specialized services, such as molding or 3D printing.

The decision of the owners of M&M Graphic to focus on fabric printing was made with a view to sophistication and market penetration. Basically, the company wanted to become a reference in terms of sublimation printing on fabric, therefore becoming the best in Quebec, or even in North America. We believe we have successfully met this challenge! By targeting the indoor display market, specializing in canvas printing and finishing for chain stores, the company has exploited this niche and developed others. Not to mention that fabric printing has become increasingly popular in North America and Quebec, following the European trend that has already been well developed for more than fifteen years.

After the large chain stores, the team of representatives has developed new markets by seeking to diversify the types of customers, for example with show creators and stage set manufacturers. That’s when M&M Graphic met some exciting creative artists: Studio Artéfact, a team dedicated to making Christmas decor in every major mall across Canada; ACMÉ Services Scéniques, which takes care of a multitude of well-known show sets, including Broue, TKNL, a company specializing in the organization of events and creators of experiences; Cirque du Soleil, a company known worldwide for its talents as colorful show athletes, and many others.

Then, of course, you have to specify the category of customers that is the most important, the one that represents about 80% of M&M Graphic’s customers: resellers.These customers are entrepreneurs who are generally owners of printing shops or service counters.

They therefore have a storefront, receive customers and sell them printing products that they produce themselves with color inkjet printers or photocopiers. Some may also sell products intended for showrooms. In both cases, these customers are resellers of M&M products. We therefore reserve a preferential rate for them in order to allow them to collect a commission on resale. They are literally ambassadors for the products, so it’s okay to support them in this way to keep selling more of those products.

To this end, we not only provide them with a 30% “reseller discount”, but we also support them in their sales by providing them with assembly instructions, price list documents which they can personalize with their company and their selling prices, not to mention availability at all times to show them how to set up a new structure, how to prepare their electronic files for the presses and validate them for them, in addition to offering them preferential production deadlines. All this with a view to promoting their sales of M&M products to their customers.

Resellers of M&M Graphic services and products: a privileged and well-supported clientele.

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