Fabric printers in North America compared to Asia

For the past twenty years, international trade has spread globally. M&M Graphic has embraced this new form of business model itself. With the purchase of fabrics in rolls of 10 feet wide, structures for exhibition booths and aluminum extrusions, it was natural and normal to develop partnerships with suppliers in Asia, Europe and the United States. In fact, the real suppliers of these products are non-existent in Canada, and those who claim to be such in the United States are essentially resellers. The actual manufacturers of fabrics and structures are located in Asia and Europe.

M&M Graphic has been printing in digital sublimation on fabric for more than two decades now. Previously, the company offered the printing service, but the digital technology was not yet developed or readily available in North America.

As digital sublimation printing technologies have largely been developed and marketed by Asians, then exported all over the world, China in particular has become very specialized in fabric printing. Not to mention that the Asian market for this industry is huge and growing.

With the opening of international markets, what had to happen happened: customers here began to make price comparisons between fabric printing companies located in Asia and companies here. To finally realize that the price difference was significant! Indeed, fabric printing prices in China are 50% cheaper than printing prices in Quebec. We can understand why: the production costs as well as the wages here are more than double those in China. These major differences in the work context directly influence selling prices, whether here or elsewhere in the world.

And then the quality? In the early days of digital fabric printing almost 20 years ago, the print quality of fabrics printed in Asia was inferior to the quality of fabric prints produced here. The production processes, the knowledge of technologies and the different practices in Asia compared to the processes here meant that the quality was better here. This has changed in recent years. Print quality in China is now equivalent to print quality in North America.

But why do customers still order here then? For several reasons. First, there is expertise and quality of service; second, communications in French in Quebec; and thirdly the production times which are always shorter here than if we order in China. Not to mention that many of the customers have been doing business with M&M for more than ten years, so the relationship of trust developed with them and their satisfaction with the service have made them loyal over time.

Of course, customers can order from China directly. But in this case, they expose themselves to unnecessary risks and problems with delivery times, customs clearance problems, lost orders… In addition, you should know that when you order from a Chinese supplier, you have to prepay the entire order without any guarantee. This means that if an order is not satisfactory, it was delivered late, or it was lost during delivery, we will not be compensated or reimbursed by the supplier.

In conclusion, many M&M Graphic customers have weighed the pros and cons over the years and finally agreed that it was best to continue doing business with reliable companies from here, which have been in existence for several decades and which have the expertise required, and thus ensure to benefit from a quality and constant service with each order. Unlike Asian suppliers, M&M Graphic offers several guarantees for each of its orders produced: print quality, manufacturing quality, quality of service, compliance with promised production deadlines, in addition to various guarantees depending on the products ordered. The “Warranties” section of the website provides more information. A M&M representative can also provide any useful information.

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