Hard case with wheels

Our hard case with wheels is the perfect product to protect structures and canvases during travel. It should be noted that this case can contain the structure of the standard Ez-Tube Wall of 10′ (115” x 90”) or that of the Pop Up Display of 10′ (118” x 88.5”) . Other structures are also compatible. Please consult an M&M Graphic representative for further details.

Designed to contain promotional and exhibition products, the case offers a compartment in the top part to place the lighting articles in a protective foam. The lid therefore acts as an additional compartment of the case.

The hard case with wheels is molded in very hard and resistant plastic, in black color, and has two wheels at the bottom for easy transport.

A handle is integrated on the top part in order to be able to transport it without difficulty.

To open the case, simply manipulate the two metal locks on the back. The cover fits perfectly into the shape of the top of the case.

Given its dimensions, the hard case with wheels is perfectly suited to be transformed into a counter at exhibitions. It can also be used as a display for tastings, launching new products or any other event that wants to be attractive. In order to make it attractive, it can be dressed with a printed canvas. This will give it the look of a real promotional counter.

Converting a case into a counter offers several significant advantages: you save costs because you no longer need to buy or rent a counter, you save weight and space by having less material to transport, you benefit from a very useful hard case with wheels and you can change the covering fabric at will. The canvas is offered at a very affordable price and can be produced in about a week.

The electronic template for producing a printed case covering canvas is available on the website under the “Downloads / Templates” section.

The hard case with wheels is available in stock at all times. It can therefore be obtained the same day of purchase by going to the M&M premises.

There are other solutions also among packaging or transport products. Among other things, we offer the wheeled transport bag, flexible and made of fabric, unlike the hard case with wheels. However, it is not possible to dress it with a printed canvas and it cannot be transformed into a presentation counter.

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