Interflex frame T-17

The T-17 frame is the perfect frame for producing large murals. Its 17 millimeter extrusion is discreet. It is designed to follow the contours of the walls, as it allows flexibility. It can therefore be integrated perfectly even when the angles are not perfectly straight. You can bend it slightly and screw it in place.

The T-17 extrusion is available in two versions: the standard model, with its 90 degree angle and the part on the back that allows screwing to the wall from behind, and the second model, the T-17 “Straight” , which is flat and almost invisible, and is intended more particularly for murals that cover the entire wall, in a “ceiling-to-floor” fashion. Thus, the emphasis is on the mural itself, the frame being barely visible given its thinness. The price is the same per linear foot for both, the goal really being to choose the extrusion that best suits the use you want to make of it. Ask an M&M advisor for help at this level… that’s what they’re here for!

On the other hand, the T-17 frame is just as well suited for making small format frames. As its standard extrusion is thin and easy to assemble, a variety of possibilities are offered. It is possible to cover sections of storage furniture. Thus, we can integrate the visuals into the ambient furniture. This kind of layout is often applied in stores. The final look is chic and neat, and above all it offers the advantage of having very low canvas replacement costs. You only need to order the frame system once. After these are in place, only the costs of the replacement canvases remain to be expected.

This product is equally applicable to commercial and residential needs. Its price is the most economical of all the extrusions because it is the thinnest. As for the canvases, it is the same fabric used for all the non-illuminated frames. The price of a canvas for T-17 or for T-46 is therefore exactly the same, for an identical format.

As with other extrusions, the T-17 can be painted with baked on paint, also commonly referred to as “powder coat”. The basic colors available are white or black and the costs are affordable. Specific colors of the RAL code are also available, but at higher costs since it will be necessary, in this case, to create the color specifically for this order. The minimum fee for such a project is over a thousand dollars. If a large quantity is required, the costs will be spread over the volume. Where appropriate, the majority of customers choose white or black. Important note: if you want to have the frames painted, you must allow for an additional production time of 5 to 10 working days in normal times. In high season*, this period may be longer.

(*): Period that can generally occur in the fall and spring, depending on the volume of orders for the various products.

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