Interflex Frame T-46

The Interflex frame model T-46 is in fact a freestanding structure allowing a double-sided display on canvas. It can also be suspended from the ceiling thanks to a set of accessories provided for this purpose.

When placed on the ground, it must be installed on legs to guarantee its stability. It can also be transformed into a removable partition by adding wheels. Thus, it is possible to move the frame at will according to the display needs.

With its thickness of 46 millimeters, it offers great solidity. It is therefore suitable for forming large frames that can be used as background walls in showrooms, as partitions to separate offices, or even as a display in a waiting room.

The Interflex T-46 frame is frequently used in stores. Whether as a back panel in a shop window promoting a new seasonal collection, as a promotional panel integrated into a display, or even as a shelf header defining the section of the store, the T-46 frame is remarkable for its versatility.

Since it is made to measure like the other frames, all sizes are allowed. Sometimes for giant formats, it will be necessary to add cross bars of reinforcement inside the frame to ensure that the sides do not bow due to the weight.

This frame model also offers the possibility of integrating a TV support. This makes it the ideal setting for trade shows as it is possible to custom fabricate your stand out of T-46 extrusions, and then add one or more screens, promoting your products and services.
The T-46 frame is also used to make suspended structures, given its shape and strength. As they will be rectangular or square structures and they will be made to measure, it will be possible to order the format of your choice.

This extrusion comes in twenty-two foot lengths. For ease of transport and installation, lengths of eight or ten feet are provided and connectors assigned to this extrusion allow the connection of the lengths.

The T-46 frame is natural satin aluminum color. However, it is possible on request to have it painted black or white with baked paint, for a fee. In such a case, allow one to two weeks more than the regular manufacturing time to proceed with the painting. In high season*, this period may be longer.

(*): Period that can generally occur in the fall and spring, depending on the volume of orders for the various products.

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