Large Format Printing: Endless Possibilities for Bespoke Projects

In large format display, the mandates very often turn out to be tailor-made projects, one of a kind. For example, M&M Graphic’s team of experts will sometimes be called upon to manufacture parts of sets for plays or for the entertainment world, commercial sets for shopping centers, store window dressing, structures and canvases for cultural events or even a marketing stunt, in short: the service offer affects several types of different industries.

To be able to respond to customer requests for these special projects, M&M Graphic has set up a team of specialists who have been working in the large format and decor industry for several years. Thus, it is possible to respond to the specific requests of creators, whether they are designers, architects, scenographers or museologists. Our team is able to read plans or drawings and provide a quote corresponding to the project submitted in a timely manner. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to organize a meeting, since the project requires it, either because of its complexity, or because a large number of collaborators is required, or because it is necessary to travel to the site of the project. installation to properly plan the project. In all cases, the representatives are there to accompany the client at each stage of his project and to advise him. Sometimes it is necessary to change dimensions or materials during production. Here too, we are able to adapt the project to meet the needs or certain requirements encountered along the way.

Of course, if production has already started, sometimes what has already been printed or produced will have to be invoiced for its estimated value. What is to be reproduced in different sizes or with different visuals will be added to the billing, but always keeping the objective of proceeding quickly with the required changes.

M&M Graphic is happy to be able to offer its customers a technology park that allows a large volume of production. Whether it’s the presses, the digital cutting tables, or even the skilled labor for the many different possible finishes, the printing and manufacturing workshop is located on two floors, in the industrial district of Montreal- North. The company has been located here for more than forty years.

For any custom project to be developed and produced, whether for a current client or for a new referred client, simply contact customer service to schedule a meeting at the workshop. or at the customer’s offices. It is always possible to travel and meet the client at his premises or to visit the site or the land with him at the same time. M&M is also able to respond to calls for tenders, when the situation is right. In a case where several different materials are required, we can play the role of subcontractor and thus allow to remain competitive in prices and thus favor the selection of the customer in a competition. Partnerships are part of M&M’s expertise and some of the project managers excel in coordinating different resources to be able to orchestrate everything on the same deadlines and on the way to proceed for the successful completion of the project.

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