LED lamp for Ez-Tube

Nothing like one or more lamps to illuminate the Ez-Tube structure! The lighting will increase the attractiveness of the printed canvas covering it and will encourage traffic to the stand. The visibility of the company or organization will only be increased.

M&M keeps dozens of LED lamps in reserve at all times. We can therefore take for granted that their availability in inventory is assured.

The LED lamps offered by M&M are equipped with an anchor that perfectly matches the top of the Ez-Tube structure. Made of aluminum and molded in a “C” shape, simply screw it securely onto the top tube at the desired location and hang the lamp on it, after connecting the power supply wire. No tools are required.

The LED lamp is 18 inches long, which allows for well-distributed frontal lighting on the canvas. The voltage transformer operates on a 24 volt circuit, for a power of 16 watts.

The tint of the lighting is 4300 degrees Kelvin, which offers a nice light intensity with a slightly bluish tint.

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