Lightbox T-120

The T-120 model light box is the most popular product in terms of double-sided large format light box. Indeed, the T-120 extrusion is designed with a front groove and also a back groove, which therefore allows a double-sided display. Allowing the installation of a fabric on both sides, the lighting is therefore of the edgelite type, therefore made up of LED modules installed on the perimeter of the case, inside the edge.

This box can be self-supporting, so simply placed on the ground. It is advisable in this case to add a pair of aluminum legs, in order to stabilize the box, especially if it is installed in a very busy place, such as a store for example.

The T-120 light box can also be suspended. For this purpose, suspension equipment for easy installation of the box on the ceiling is offered. It is composed of two decorative barrels, two anchors for the case, all connected to a pair of steel wires. All hardware is silver metallic in color to match the natural metallic color of the case.
Often used in store windows, the T-120 light box can display a canvas facing the window on its front side, and another canvas on the back intended to be seen from inside the store. This offers a wide range of possibilities and allows replacement of fabrics at a greater frequency. Replacing fabrics is quick and economical. The only basic major investment is the case itself.

It is also possible to add a TV stand directly to the structure of the T-120 box. In this case, the structure is reinforced with vertical crossbars and the TV bracket is screwed to these bars. In this context, a hole must be made in the canvas to allow space for the fixing of the support. The graphic layout must therefore be designed accordingly so as not to position important elements in the area that will be perforated. It is also possible to choose a white or black canvas, plain, without printing. In this case, the effect is less impactful, but the canvas comes at a more economical price.
The T-120 case has a very strong and solid 120 millimeter (4.75”) extrusion. So much so that the frame of the box is structuring and it can be used for the design of light boxes suspended from the ceiling, installed horizontally.

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