Printing on fabric: the new trends

What does clothing fashion have in store for 2023? The great designers have already shown their colors at Paris Fashion Week (PFW) from September 26 to October 24. The luminaries of haute couture creation have this time taken inspiration from global warming to evoke reminders of the past by refreshing them, but also by bringing novelty to the theme of futurism.

The new trendy color for spring – summer 2023

Turquoise will be featured. The color as one can imagine thus: “pool dug under the midday sun”. This color encompasses the color of the jeans, which are becoming super fashionable again, especially in the mini or maxi skirt version. And the famous jeans jacket remains timeless.

What will be the fashionable patterns next year?

Floral motifs come back to life. Always more colorful, vibrant, and huge! To reuse the terms of “Textile Addict”, the inspiration is in the following terms: “Walk in the bucolic gardens. We guessed it, it’s the return of Flower Power! Daisies, poppies, exotic flowers: everything is good.

The comeback of the Tie and Dye style

For those who are unfamiliar with the “Tie and Dye” dyeing technique, it is a very popular dyeing technique with hippies in the 70’s. Highlighting bright and contrasting colors, this technique was intended to transform dull and simple clothes into personalized and psychedelic-looking garments.


2023 decoration trends

The glossy finish is back in fashion. All that glitters, we love! Bright colors too. For example, choose a main wall in a room and paint it a bright color, then match this color to a piece of furniture facing it, such as a sofa for example. Or play with the cushions. A single shade or a shade and its complement to dare the contrast.
The metallic colors return: gold, silver or bronze.


Fabric & pattern trends for 2023

Here is the list of 2023 trends according to the famous website Silo 57:

  1. Artisanal tufted rugs
  2. Colored lights
  3. Blue
  4. Positive living areas
  5. The English cottage look
  6. The great return of dark wood;
  7. Checkerboard
  8. Paper mache


Brilliant ideas to have style and respect your budget

According to stylist and decor journalist Stéphanie Guéritaud, it is possible to integrate design and fashionable elements of 2023 into your decor without blowing your budget. Here are some ideas that she details on her blog:

Moldings version 2023

Vertical slats are back in fashion. And the stylized relief inserts.

Imitations of luxurious and raw materials

Travertine, marble, Italian stone. All imitations are allowed! Large formats are popular. That’s good: it’s the specialty at M&M Graphic!

Pantry and coffee corner

Trend chalet is in fashion. Build a pantry to avoid overhead cabinets. Setting up a coffee corner is very popular.

Colors in the bathroom or kitchen

The colors have returned in decoration. Deep tones inspired by nature are everywhere: emerald greens, ocean blue, terra cotta orange. Everything that has a regenerating and vitamin effect finds its place in the bathroom or the kitchen.

Many other ideas are put forward for the 2023 decoration trends. Go see to find out everything:

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