Production times in the fabric sublimation industry

In the field of large format display, and not only in sublimation on fabric, it is known that customers very often need their products quickly. Whether it’s products for a trade show or for display at an event, customers very often expect their order to be processed and delivered within a week or less. Obviously, the production team does everything in its power to meet expectations, but sometimes we have to explain that such and such a product requires a minimum of twelve (12) working days, for example.

What are the production times when an order is placed with M&M Graphic? First of all, it should be mentioned that production times are not the same for all products. Why ? Quite simply because several factors come into play: the processing of electronic files, the printing time, the finish, the dimensions, the complexity of the work, the total quantity, to name only the main ones.

In general, the simple standard products included in our catalog require five (5) working days. We are talking about flag, backpack with flag, X-Stand, Roll Up, Pop Up Display, counter, Pop Up Light, Ez-Tube (all models and sizes), telescopic wall, replacement canvas, circular structure in fiberglass, suspended aluminum structure, tablecloth made in Montreal, interflex frame (all non-illuminated frames), sidewalk panel and all accessories.

As for products that require more than 5 working days, we are obviously referring to products made in China, namely tablecloths and tents. Due to transport, delays can vary from 15 to 20 working days.
Next, let’s talk about the roller blind. Depending on the format and the quantity to be produced, the number of production working days may vary. Anyway, the minimum lead time is 15-18 working days.
Then there is also the parasol. As the finishing of the fabric is long to achieve, because it takes several hours to sew, the deadline is 12 to 15 working days.

Next come the light boxes, be it the T-55, the T-100 or the T-120. As for this product, we must not only produce the frame, but also add the LED lighting inside, the deadlines are to be confirmed with a representative. The number of working days required will vary depending on the size and quantity of the light box(es) to be produced.
The last two products that require more than five (5) working days are the T-Door and the T-Cube. As these are also custom made for each customer and order, a minimum of 10 working days should be allowed for their production.

In summary, for simple regular products, a production time of five (5) working days must be expected and for the most complex, it is necessary to confirm with a representative what the time required for the order will be. The lead time may also vary depending on the time of year. From March to October, the manufacturing plant is very busy, as it is the peak season.

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