Roller Blind

The roller blind is a unique product, both decorative and promotional, depending on the need to be met. It can meet a commercial display need as much as an interior decoration need in a private residence.

As all windows have different dimensions, it is made to measure, to the exact width of the window.

The roller blind consists of the following parts: a roller mechanism, a chain that can be installed on the left or right, a printed fabric as well as an aluminum finishing bar attached to the bottom of the fabric.

The canvas can be printed on three (3) different types of fabrics to choose from: a translucent fabric, a light-diffusing fabric or an opaque fabric. The opaque fabric allows printing on both sides.

When ordering one or more blinds, it is essential to take the correct measurements. For a format guarantee to apply, we can take care of this task, with a minimum travel expense. For this service to be available, you must be located in the Montreal area and surrounding areas.

As there is no standard format for this product, there is no electronic template for the graphic editing of the visual. To prepare the file, simply create a file in the exact final size of the shade and add a half inch of bleed to all four sides. If the canvas is to be printed on both sides, make sure to prepare an individual file for the front and another for the back, taking care to clearly identify each one.

In addition, it will be necessary to specify which will be seen from the inside and which will be seen from the outside. This information is essential for the production so that the mounting of the canvas is done in the right direction. It will also be useful in the event that you have to go and perform the installation.

Do not forget either to specify to the representative on which side the chain must be installed on the blind. Again, there is no standard: it can be attached on the left side as well as on the right side.

As the roller blind is made to measure and its structure is not prefabricated, it requires a delay of more than 5 working days. In fact, to ensure that the production team has enough time, it is better to allow 12 to 15 working days. Order production times should always be confirmed by the M&M representative. Only he can tell the truth about production capacity. The busier the production team is, the longer the delays can get. The folks at M&M Graphic do their best to produce all orders within the promised time frame. Meeting deadlines is a priority for all team members.

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