Rubber Weighing for Tent

The rubber weight is intended to stabilize a tent. When it is installed outdoors, it may be subject to bad weather, including high winds. In this case, the tent risks flying away or at the very least moving or even being damaged. This is why it is advisable to use rubber weights to secure it to the base.

The “U” shape of this weight is perfectly suited to slot into the feet of tent poles. A handle is included for easy transport. It is recommended to use four (4) weights, so one per post, but it is also possible to use only two (2). In this case, it is preferable to position the two (2) weights at the feet of opposite posts in order to distribute the load evenly.

A rubber weight weighs 30 lbs. With four (4) weights in all, this adds a total stabilizer load of 120 lbs to the tent, which is generally more than enough. If the place where you plan to install the tent is really very windy, then it is advisable to secure the base of the tent poles with bags of rocks or sandbags. You can also drive stakes or large nails through the existing anchors at the base of each post.

The rubber weight has the dimensions of 27” x 21” x 2”.

This product is available at all times and in quantity in the inventory of M&M Graphic.

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