Sidewalk Display

The sidewalk sign is a product added to the M&M catalog a few years ago. It is also called “Panneau en A” in French or “A-Frame” in English.

Its structure is formed from an aluminum extrusion with a square profile. Two frames are thus formed and then connected to each other using hinges at the top and chains on the sides. The panel is self-supporting. Four adjustable legs are screwed into the bottom.

This profile is the same color and same finish as the other extrusions, i.e. natural aluminum with a satin finish. It can be painted black or white with baked paint (powder coat) if desired.

For this product, four (4) standard sizes are offered: 24” x 36”, 32” x 42”, 48” x 36” and 36” x 72”. You should know that the sidewalk panel can also have the dimensions that the customer wants, because it is manufactured at the Montreal workshop from full-length extrusions.

It offers a two-sided display, so you can display a graphic element on both sides. The visuals are printed on canvas, then a silicone rod is sewn to the four sides on the back in order to insert them into the openings of the extrusion which form the frame.

We recommend the use of these panels both indoors and outdoors. They are ideal for display during events to indicate the direction of parking lot entrances and exits, entrances and exits to exhibition halls, VIP areas, announcements of cafes and restaurants, displaying menus or any other useful information for visitors.

These panels are mainly used for temporary signage.

Easy to move, the sidewalk sign is perfect for events that involve quick changes of display locations. For example, for employees who guide visitors by car in a parking lot whose different zones fill up one after the other.

In addition to what was mentioned previously, this product offers the advantage that the fabrics are easy to replace, which allows the display to be changed on site if required. For example, a sidewalk sign might display “Free” in a parking zone that is open to visitors, then “Occupied” or “Closed” when it is full and has no more available parking spaces. Several operators of large underground or outdoor parking lots already use this display process.

For outdoor use, it is advisable to secure the sidewalk board with weights to prevent it from falling to the ground or flying away due to the weather. Water bags or sandbags offered by M&M can be an excellent solution.

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