Special projects: anything but ordinary!

An experienced partner

M&M Graphic offers a consulting service to guide you in the conceptualization and realization of your special projects. Our team of experts is renowned for successfully carrying out any project that is out of the ordinary. Already the field of large format displays poses significant challenges, we say of a project that it is “special” when it requires more strategy in the realization or the installation, when compared to an order of standard fabrics.

Here are some examples of what we mean as a kind of special display project:

  • luminous suspended ceilings in public places;
  • costume printing for entertainment companies;
  • development of gigantic covers to cover sections of seats in a stadium;
  • production of parts of sets for a large-scale show;
  • etc.

The main characteristic of a special project is that it is unique in its kind, requires special expertise in project management and requires more resources than a standard project.

Great service for a special project

Often, this type of project will require collaboration between several different multidisciplinary teams, a schedule spread over several months and installation challenges. A chain of communication between stakeholders will be deployed and rigorous monitoring will be carried out continuously from the start to the end of the project. Usually the event organizer will play this role, or your project manager at M&M Graphic.

To carry out the project, several tools will have to be created and specific activities will have to be carried out: technical drawings, plans, specifications, on-site visit, taking pictures, taking measurements, tests for approval, validation of the hardware for safety. , fireproofing certification of fabrics for fire safety in public places, mainly on stage when pyrotechnics are present, and many others.

In short, a special project will push the team to go above and beyond because the demand for the project will often involve increasing our expertise and knowledge base one step (or more!). It is therefore our customers who constantly push us to improve our performance and the quality of products and services.

The key to success for a successful special project is sustained communication, rigorous organization, the presence of expert collaborators and of course, the quality of follow-ups. We are ready to receive yours!

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