Square flag base – interior / exterior

The square flag base is ideal for indoor events. It can also be used at outdoor events, but on hard, flat and straight surfaces (cement or asphalt) only.

In a place exposed to winds, it is then advisable to add a weight above. With sandbags or water bags, it is simple and easy to put the weight on the base. To do this, simply remove the flag pole from its base, then install the sandbag or water bag on the base and then reinstall the flag pole in the base of the base. Since M&M’s sandbags and waterbags are designed with an opening in the center to allow the flag pole to pass through, the weights are stabilized and cannot slide sideways. The flag therefore holds well in place despite the winds or other bad weather.

This base is discreet, with a simple and refined design, and it is easy to transport. It’s perfect for launches, walkways, or any other event that needs to look great in front of guests or the cameras.

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