Sublimated Carpet

The carpet offered is a one-of-a-kind product. The material from which this mat is made comes in a roll of 126 inches in width. The production team specializes in printing and cutting rugs in 10 foot widths, or if you prefer in 120” wide format. Since you have to leave extra material for the take-up of the roll in the press as well as for the lost margins, the finished width of 120” is ideal. As for the length, it is rare to produce a carpet width of more than 20 feet.

M&M Graphic’s team of specialists recommends 10 foot by 10 foot (120″ x 120″) pieces of carpet instead, due to the weight of the carpet. Indeed, with its felted printable surface and non-slip rubber coated back, the mat has a certain weight. It is therefore necessary to take this into account before production, in order to produce parts of images that will join together, but which will still be practical to handle and transport.

Another thing to consider with the printed mat when assembling graphics is that for this product only, there may be a slight offset in the seams between image parts. This only applies in cases where the mat exceeds 120” in both dimensions. In this case, it is necessary to produce the image in “pieces” and create widths of carpets which, once printed, cut and assembled, will recompose the complete image. Since the mat is formed with a layer of non-slip rubber on the back, it deforms a little in the heat when it passes through the press. It is therefore possible that the roll width may become slightly smaller. Also, it won’t warp evenly everywhere, so it’s not possible to guarantee as fine a precision as “image matches” for printed fabric canvases. The characteristics are different, which may explain why the reaction of the material is also different.

On the other hand, the carpet offers unbeatable advantages on other levels. For example, it cuts wonderfully with a laser. It is therefore possible to produce rugs that will have shapes with organic, geometric contours, unusual silhouettes! No more boring and conventional rugs with rectangular or square shapes. You can let your imagination run wild and treat yourself to a custom-made rug that will leave no one indifferent.

The product is also available in printable felt only, so without rubber bottom. Thus, we can develop a concept where the equipment will be integrated into a cabinet frame, cover a wall like a tapestry, or even a personalized pool table… and these are just a few ideas. A world of personalized products presents itself. It’s time to contact a representative about printed mats. It will thus be possible to know everything about the possible applications for this product.

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