Sublimation printing on fabric: everything to satisfy you

Multiple advantages

There are so many advantages to printing on fabric! When you compare it to other printable mediums in large format display, you can see that the fabric is much stronger than you might first imagine. Cardboard boxes are fragile and warp in contact with water, plastic composites dry out in the sun and eventually break, while vinyl banners crease and tear. For its part, the fabric has several qualities that greatly benefit it.

Water resistant ink and material

Not only is the printed fabric unaffected by water, it also stands up wonderfully to multiple washes in a conventional or industrial washing machine. The maintenance of fabrics, covers and rugs is therefore greatly facilitated. The ink, on the other hand, does not undergo degradation following the immersion of the tissues in water.

Resistance to stain removers

Believe our experience: the ink used in sublimation is totally resistant to soaps or detergents, even bleach. This is advantageous if you want to remove food stains from a tablecloth or clothing, for example. The cleaners will remove organic stains easily, leaving the printed fabric clean and showing off its original vibrant colors.

A more durable finish

When our fabric banners are sewn, they offer superior durability over the finish on vinyl banners, which is generally limited to a glued fold. This has real positive or negative consequences outdoors in inclement weather. This detail can make a difference between a display that remains in good condition or one that is damaged after a storm or other major weather conditions.

A range of choices

Unlike various banner vinyls, there is a surprising variety of fabric choices suitable for sublimation printing in global markets. Some are translucent, others opaque, thin or thick, with a very matte or glossier finish. Some fabrics allow air to pass, a quality that helps the durability of outdoor products like flags, for example, often installed in very windy places.

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