Suspended Structure in Aluminum

The suspended aluminum structure is available mainly in square or round shapes, the two most popular shapes. On the other hand, other original shapes are also available, either in triangle, in football, in circular pellet, in tapered circle or even in the shape of a spindle wheel.

The tubes of which the suspended structure is made are made of quality aluminum alloy. Their diameter is 1.25”. They interlock with each other with locking buttons at each connection to ensure strength and durability to the structure once assembled.

Four anchor points are installed at the top of the structure to allow it to be installed at a height, either fixed to the ceiling or fixed to an existing structure already installed for this purpose. As the structure is light, there is no need to reinforce the anchors or to acquire architectural hardware.

As for the canvas for this product, it can be printed on one side or both sides as desired.

Several sizes are available. The main ones that appear in the product catalog are the most popular, but you should know that for this product everything is possible. Any of the structures can be made to any size or shape. Simply send the plan or drawing with the exact dimensions and a budget estimate will be sent for approval.

Those listed in the catalog are as follows. For the square shape, five (5) sizes are offered: 120” x 120” x 36” (10′ x 10′ x 3′), 120” x 120” x 48” (10′ x 10′ x 4′), 120” x 120” x 60” (10′ x 10′ x 5′), 144” x 144” x 36” (12′ x 12′ x 3′) and 144” x 144” x 60” (12′ x 12′ x 5′). For the round shape, two (2) sizes are available: 96” diameter x 48” height (8′ diam. x 4′) and 120” diameter x 48” height (10′ diam. x 4′) .

Unlike the circular fiberglass structure, the suspended aluminum structure comes with a carrying bag included. You can also order a rigid transport box if you have to transport the structure over a long distance. It will thus be optimally protected.

With regard to electronic templates for the preparation of files, the main formats and forms available for download can be found on the website under the section “Downloads / Templates”. If you need assistance creating an electronic file, simply contact a representative. The team of graphic designers can help with the positioning of the logo or even with the development of the graphic editing if it is simple.

Note that M&M is not a graphic design studio, so for a need to carry out logo creation work or complex graphic editing, it is not possible for me to offer this service.

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