The different fabrics used for printing

M&M Graphic and MNM Sports hold dozens of different fabrics in stock. Fabrics vary in thickness, elasticity, translucency or opacity, shine or vice versa, with a matte finish.
The fabrics that have been selected to make up the inventory are fabrics that have the characteristics sought for each of the products.

For example, in the M&M Graphic division, the Flag fabric is perfect for producing a flag because it is printable on the front side, while the graphic appears transparent on the other side. It’s thin enough to float well in the wind but tough enough to weather the elements and stay put without tearing.

The Blocker fabric, on the other hand, is woven with three (3) layers of yarn: a white layer in front and on the back, and between the two we can observe an opaque layer, woven with black yarn. It is thanks to this black layer that the fabric is 100% opaque and therefore does not allow any light to pass through.

Another example is the Fencing fabric. Literally the word “fence” in English, Fencing fabric is the best product to display on fences or gates at outdoor or indoor events. Its small oval-shaped perforations allow the wind to pass very well, thus preventing the latter from tearing the banners. This material is also ideal for producing banners that will be installed in front of a show stage, or in front of its acoustic speakers.

To produce perfect covers for structures or cushions, nothing like Dynatex fabric. This material has a high degree of elasticity and is of high quality. Resistant and durable thanks to its thickness, it replaced the old Ez-Stretch.

For banners printed on the front only, or for wall canvases that will be stretched in frames, Ez-Tex fabric is recommended. It offers a slight elasticity and is wrinkle-resistant.
The “Tent” fabric is obviously intended for making tents. On the other hand, when it comes to printing walls or half-walls on both sides, Blocker fabric is used because it allows printing on both sides of the fabric.

To produce a chiffon effect, the Powernet fabric is ideal. Ultra thin and translucent, it is perfect for printing parts of costumes, decorative canvases to create an atmosphere or even to create parts of sets.

There are also fabrics that are light diffusers, to produce fabrics that will go into the light boxes. These fabrics are mainly Briteray and Nightstar. It should also be mentioned that when printing luminous canvases, the printing mode is different. There is more ink deposited on the fabric so that the visual is clearly visible despite the backlighting.

Other fabrics exist in the inventory, but they can change name or be replaced by other fabrics, more efficient or at more attractive costs. The main fabrics used for the production of items for the M&M Graphic division are well summarized above.

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