The dressing of the Sports Experts & Atmosphere stores

For several years, M&M Graphic has supplied light boxes and wall frames for the Sports Experts chain of stores. Since its merger with Atmosphere, we can see the display of the two logos on the facade, side by side. This business alliance has benefited both companies. One offers products for practicing sports, the other offers products for enjoying the outdoors. So it’s a winning formula. They share the same clientele and at the same time ensure that they do not compete with each other.

The new stores are very designer, uncluttered, laid out in huge warehouse-style premises. Managers are taking advantage of spaces left unoccupied by Sears stores, which declared bankruptcy in January 2018.

This is what happened at Place Laurier in Quebec City in 2019. The huge space that was previously occupied by the Sears store was freed up. Then, a few months later, Sports Experts signed the rental lease for this space for several years. That’s when M&M Graphic’s team of experts was called upon to manufacture and install dozens of light boxes. The end result was splendid! The manager of this branch was happy with the appearance of her new store. High ceilings, industrial style, huge light boxes with beautiful bright visuals promoting the different brands, frames covering the top of the furniture serving as islands and supports for displaying products; designers love chic and modern.

In the same year, other important display projects for Sports Experts appeared. The most impressive of all was certainly at the new Sports Experts in Brossard, at Quartier Dix30. For this location, M&M Graphic manufactured and installed two hundred lightboxes! This branch on the south shore was announced as the future largest Sports Experts store in the entire province. And that’s what happened. The production took place over several weeks, as did the installations. The M&M Graphic team worked tirelessly to produce the entire order in exceptional time, with the manager eager to proceed with the opening. It was celebrated with great fanfare.

The type of light box that is chosen for most Sports Experts stores is the T-100. This light box is made from 100 millimeter thick aluminum extrusion. Most formats are medium, around 3’ x 5’, equivalent to 36’’ x 60’’. The lighting is located on the back of the canvas, fixed in horizontal strips on the bottom panel of the box. This type of lighting, called a backlite, is the brightest. With the novelties in LED lighting since 2018, it is possible to manufacture enclosures of this kind at much lower costs than before. This is all for the benefit of customers. The goal of the design teams is to combine quality while remaining competitive.

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