The importance of respecting production budgets

When it comes to budget, respect and accuracy of prices are essential. Unlike offset printing or another type of standard format printing, amounts can get huge quickly in large format display. Especially if additions have to be made during production. The formats are large, often there is volume, and delivery and installation costs are also to be considered. This is why it is essential that we demonstrate rigor and that we detail each cost meticulously in order to ensure that there are no omissions or errors at any level in a quote.

What is most important to clarify is that once a quote has been approved by the client, the production team is bound to stick to the approved price. That’s why M&M Graphic guarantees to honor the price quoted in a quote for 30 days, after which time prices are subject to revision. In this industry, the prices paid to suppliers can change quickly. The course of the price of aluminium, for example, has an impact on the price of extrusions imported from Europe. At the start of COVID, the price of a container went from $4,000 to $17,000! Not to mention the increase in the price of gasoline and disruptions in the supply chain. The exchange rate also disturbs the delicate balance of the financial structure worked out for the catalog price list and the transport calculations.

Normally, this price list is updated once a year. It is therefore important to ensure that you always have the price list for the current year when consulting the product catalog, because if necessary, there is a risk of noting prices that no longer correspond to the prices in vigor.


As in everything, there are exceptions. M&M Graphic is bound to respect its prices once the quotation has been approved by the client. This still applies and proves to be an ultimate rule for the company. However, situations may arise that are beyond normal control and this could result in the prices provided at the start of a project having to be adjusted upwards during production or installation.

Here are some examples of situations that could increase the costs of a project during its execution:

  • The canvases need to be reprinted because the client decided to change their visuals after approving the approval PDF at the preprint level. In this case, the costs of reprinting must be charged to the customer because M&M Graphic has fulfilled its mandates without fault.
  • The installation was planned for a height of less than fifteen feet and finally, it turns out that the real height is thirty feet. Installation costs must be increased to cover the cost of renting the platform that will be required.
  • Delivery is brought forward at the customer’s request. In this case, two types of additional costs may apply: a first cost due to possible costs for express deadlines if the deadline for production must also be advanced, then a second cost could possibly be charged if the delivery method should be changed from “ground” to “air”. That is to say, if the delivery was planned to be by truck, on the ground, and now it becomes an air delivery, the costs are much higher because of the express service.

Still, there’s no need to worry. Representatives and project managers are used to managing these situations and will provide the available options in advance, if necessary. What you have to keep in mind is that at each stage of a project, the client is made aware of what is going on. If decisions have to be made, there is consultation each time so that everything is done in agreement with those responsible for the project.

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