The light boxes in Simons stores: an eloquent example!

La Maison Simons is well established in Quebec. Its foundation took place almost 200 years ago. Enjoying a solid reputation that is only growing, the chain of stores now includes sixteen (16) established branches not only here in Quebec, but also in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Its first store opened in Quebec City in 1840, at 20, Côte de la Fabrique. Its head office still stands at this location even today. The building is ancestral and very well preserved. It is also part of the rich and ancient architectural heritage of the beautiful city of Quebec.

Since 2017, the M&M Graphic team has had the privilege of producing all interior signage for the popular Simons chain of stores. The display is mainly made up of illuminated boxes and also non-illuminated wall frames.

For the light boxes, the Simons layout department chose the T-100 model, which is defined as a 100 millimeter thick aluminum frame, backlite type, with a display on the front only, the boxes being all installed on the wall.

Backlite and edgelite lights

A few relevant explanations will demystify the terms backlite and edgelite. Have said of a light box that it is backlite when it offers lighting on the back of the canvas, the LED units are fixed in the bottom of the box, unlike an edgelite light, which is installed inside the edge of the frame, on the edges of the case.

In the oldest Maison Simons stores, some light boxes may have been designed with previous models of boxes. Apart from the thickness of the extrusion which can vary, it is difficult for anyone who is not in the business to differentiate the old models of enclosures from the new ones. The only real way to be able to realize this is by removing the fabric on the front and observing the LED modules fixed inside the frame. M&M has been producing light boxes for about twenty years; we therefore understand that the products have evolved over the years. LED products have also changed greatly over the last ten years especially; a lot of improvements have been made and the team of experts has taken care of keeping up to date in terms of new lighting technologies.

The formats are multiple, but are generally large, such as: 4′ x 8′, 6′ x 10′ or 8′ x 12′. Non-illuminated wall frames, type T-17, also turn out to be large in format, sometimes covering entire walls.

Thanks to the latest sublimation printing technologies, the print quality of the canvases is sublime. The visuals offer high definition, which makes them impactful and very attractive. The colors are bright, vibrant, resplendent. The fabrics, meanwhile, are always of better quality every year. New ones appear on the market periodically and supply specialists make it a constant duty to keep abreast of new fibers, their elastic properties, and the corresponding flame retardant treatments. Fabric finishes also change. For example, Dynatex offers a nice elasticity and also a little sheen reminiscent of satin.

M&M Graphic’s products are so durable that it’s possible for a case to work well for more than ten years! Ask a representative to tell you about the guarantees offered!

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