The Manufacturing Printing Service: M&M’s Contribution to Quebec Apparel Designers

For the past decades, M&M Graphic has given itself the mandate to know the fabric printing market in Quebec well and has been able to adapt to its different market segments in order to respond well to the demands of its varied clienteles. For the company, the adage that the customer is king is total commitment.

As mentioned several times in previous articles, 85% of M&M Graphic’s customers are resellers. Owners of small printing shops or managers of service counters, these resellers are valuable because they are literally ambassadors of M&M products to their own customers.

There are also chain stores in this valuable clientele. They do not deal with intermediaries. They seek to be in direct contact with their suppliers in order to obtain the best prices and optimize control over the management of orders. Their motivation: to always get the best service at the best price.

After resellers and chain stores, there are promoters of special projects. For example, a response to a call for tenders, a call for tenders from a major construction company, or an architectural project with a firm of designers or architects.

Finally, let’s mention manufacturing printing projects. What does it consist of? This involves printing on a roll and handing it over to the customer without cutting or finishing. This is called “rerolling” as an instruction for the “finishing” stage in the fabrication shop. But who would want to print on a roll? For example, a company that manufactures fabric products, but does not wish to manage the printed part of its product. There are several in Quebec. Some are well known elsewhere.

To demonstrate the seriousness and prestige of these companies and entrepreneurs, here are some of them who have their fabrics printed at M&M, in a “roller” formula:

  • Cirque du Soleil: roll printing for all costumes for all shows that are currently active worldwide.
  • CCM Reebok: This large company uses the printing services of M&M Graphic to print labels and various parts of hockey gloves and other sports accessories. It contracts out certain parts of its production and takes care of the final assembly in its own factory.
  • Peppermint Cycling: after several meetings with the two founders of this company, M&M carried out dozens of printing tests on different textile materials and supported the entrepreneurs in their clothing design project.
  • Pockets and Yarns: The company offers a custom printing service of sewn pockets on T-Shirts. Humorous and friendly, the young founders are creative to perfection!
  • Jeannette Trépanier: the painter prints Buff-style scarves, as well as cushion covers. The visuals printed on it are reproductions of his works. Practically all of his creations represent scenes featuring animals, in a bucolic setting of the Quebec landscape.
  • Louise Piché: the painter also has Buff-style scarves printed, showcasing reproductions of her paintings. She sells them in various art galleries in Quebec where she exhibits several times a year.
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