The Pop Up Display

The freestanding Pop Up Display stand is the oldest model of structure appearing in the catalog of M&M Graphic products. It is still very popular because it has several appreciable qualities.

The Pop Up Display has been around for a long time, so its model is well known. Its structure expands and contracts easily and its ends attach with magnetic clips so that it stays firmly in place once installed.

Its main format of 118” front x 88.5” high and 11.5” deep is perfect for exhibition stand spaces. The Pop Up Display is mainly used as a background wall in promotional fairs, but also to publicize a new product in a store entrance or to praise a group of artists during a show. . It is also the traditional back wall in front of which the stars parade during award ceremonies in galas, which are generally highly publicized. It is on the canvas of the Pop Up Display that we print the main sponsors who support the event and where all the cameras turn. The Ez-Tube support can also be used as a background wall, but it is traditionally the Pop Up Display that deserves this vocation more.

The Pop Up Display canvas has a standard finish: laser cut on all four (4) sides then a female velcro is sewn on the back. The male part of the velcro will be placed on the structure. It should be noted that the presence of male velcro on the back of the canvas could damage the canvas during transport and handling. It is for this reason that it is recommended to avoid doing so.

As an option and subject to additional costs, it is possible to order one or more halogen lamps with the Pop Up structure.

The Pop Up Display comes with a carry bag included with purchase. If you want wheels for easy transport, there is a wheeled transport bag that can hold the Pop Up Display and its canvas. Finally, there is also a rigid container that will protect the structure from potential shocks during transport; you can order the rigid transport box always available in stock. It contains a handle, wheels and even a compartment with protective foam at the top to store halogen lamps.

Note that there is also a smaller, square Pop Up Display format, with dimensions of 88.5″ wide x 88.5″ high and 11.5″ deep.
A curved Pop Up Display model is also offered. It offers the same formats as the standard straight Pop Up, so 118″ wide and 88.5″ wide.

For a complete and attractive stand, it is a good idea to pair a counter with the Pop Up Display. You can personalize it by ordering a canvas printed in the colors of the company or organization and thus increase the impact of your presence at the stand. The counter is useful because it allows placing a laptop or promotional materials on top, thus increasing the interest of visitors. The counter also allows you to store personal belongings inside. Indeed, a shelf is placed under the top of the counter, which gives access to a very practical storage space!

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