The Pop Up Light

The Pop Up Light is a relatively new product compared to its little brother, the Pop Up Display, which M&M Graphic has had in stock since its inception. Basically, the main difference between the two structures is that the Pop Up Light is backlit while the Pop Up Display is not. However, it is possible to add halogen lamps to the upper structure for frontal lighting.

The Pop Up Light is composed of a structure, four LED curtains, a transformer and a canvas printed on a diffuser fabric. It is this type of fabric that is used for the fabrics that will be backlit, either intended to be installed on the face of light boxes, or to form the cover that will cover a backlit structure.

This structure has almost the same dimensions as the Pop Up Display, but they are slightly different. The canvases could therefore not be interchangeable with each other.

The dimensions of the Pop Up Light are 117.375” wide x 88.375” high and 12.81” deep.

The Pop Up Light allows several choices: either a single-sided display, or a double-sided display. In addition, it makes it possible to combine luminous fabrics with non-luminous fabrics, printed or not. This can create an interesting effect depending on the context in which it is used.

The structure of the Pop Up Light is designed differently than the Pop Up Display. It is formed at the base of a scissor structure which expands when its extremities are pulled outwards. Then, moldings are installed around the perimeter of each face. These will allow the canvases to be inserted independently on each side, using a silicone rod sewn to the back of the canvas, on the four sides.

Two feet are anchored to the bottom of the freestanding structure at each end to improve its stability.
Once the structure is fully assembled, the LED curtains must be installed. Each of the four LED curtains is self-contained and plugs into the bottom of the structure into a single transformer to ultimately be powered by a single wire on a regular 110 volt network. Once everything is connected, you can plug the plug into the power outlet.

In the last step, it remains to install the canvases. There are three options when ordering a Pop Up Light:

  • Option 1) One-sided Pop Up Light;
  • Option 2) Two-sided Pop Up Light;
  • Option 3) Non-illuminated Pop Up Light with visual printed on the front.

Whether for lighted or non-lighted fabrics, the principle remains the same: the silicone rods sewn on the back of the fabric must be pushed into the front groove of the moldings on each side of the structure. To obtain an optimal result, start with the corners, then the centers, then finally smooth the silicone rod evenly all around the canvas. If this is not done, there is a risk of obtaining a canvas that seems to have a dimension and a tension that are not optimal for this structure.

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