The T-Door

The T-Door is a one-of-a-kind product, allowing to create made-to-measure sliding doors. Thus, it is possible to replace conventional closet doors with superb doors covered with printed fabrics, to hide a laundry area, to create a storage space the full size of a wall or to transform a desktop by adding removable dividers. With canvas prints featuring your choice of visuals, the decorating possibilities are endless. In fact, the limit is the imagination!

These new murals integrated into the office or residence furniture will enhance the interior decoration and will have the beauty of combining the useful with the pleasant. In addition, it is easy and inexpensive to replace the canvases when a change of images is desired. Imagine an Art Deco motif adapted to the colors of your office or a mural created from your most beautiful travel photo! For people who have ideas that inspire them, but lack graphic resources, M&M reassures them. There are a variety of image banks on the web. By communicating the need for image research to a representative, he will be able to help for sure!

The T-Door system is a sliding door system comprising aluminum extrusions, wheels and printed fabrics. Two types of extrusions are used to manufacture the system: T-Door extrusions to make the frames of the sliding doors and larger extrusions that serve as the top and bottom tracks of the doors. In addition, a pair of wheels is installed at the bottom of each door. Finally, a canvas is installed in the frame of each door thanks to a silicone rod sewn to the back on the four sides.

The T-Door is used to create a two or three deep sliding door system. The T-Rail extrusion is designed to allow two or three doors to overlap one on top of the other when sliding the doors left to right. In width and height, the system is very flexible because all door frames are made to measure in the workshop, just like the rails. The sliding doors of the T-Door are actually frames similar to the T-17, but with a different extrusion. Indeed, this one is slightly different from the others because it is designed to accommodate wheels at the bottom and to fit into the T-Rail extrusion, top and bottom. All these parts are compatible and created for the T-Door system specifically.

For this product, when contacting a representative to obtain a quote for a T-Door project, it is essential that the dimensions are accurate and precise. Not only so that the price obtained is accurate for this particular project, but more importantly so that the installation of the T-Door in the planned space is a success. Adjustments are possible on site during installation, but a difference of more than a quarter of an inch may prove problematic. Obviously, you can ask for a price that will be calculated with approximate dimensions, just to give an idea of ​​the price for an upcoming project. On the other hand, before creating the electronic file or going into production, it will be necessary to validate the dimensions in a serious way. Assistance in taking measurements for a T-Door project can be obtained through the Travel Measurement Service. The amount of the fees related to this service will be communicated during discussions with a representative.

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