The X-Stand

M&M Graphic’s X-Stand freestanding structure is an economical and simple solution for displaying commercial or corporate visuals. Formed by two crossed rods, the X-Stand structure is aptly named because it looks like an “X” before the printed canvas is hung on it. This product has been around for a long time. This means that it has proven itself and that the world of trade fairs and exhibitions, trade fairs and the general public know them well.

Convenient for promoting anywhere, the X-Stand is frequently used in stores to display sales or new collections. This product is also ideal for display at the entrance to a waiting room or near a reception counter, in order to present a logo, for example, and to indicate to users which products and offered services.

The X-Stand can be displayed on the front only, on its laser-cut canvas with four eyelets. To install the printed canvas on the structure, simply fix it at the four corners starting at the top, then ending at the bottom. The two eyelets in the lower corners will serve to create a slight tension in the canvas so that the print appears straight. The finishing is very simple and fast, which allows an optimal production time. In addition, as with all structures in the M&M Graphic catalog, the X-Stand is always available in stock at the warehouse.

This product is available in two different sizes: The X-Stand A with dimensions of 31.5″ wide x 78.75″ high and the X-Stand B with dimensions of 24″ wide x 60″ in height.

As the X-Stand is very light, it is therefore easy to transport and move. On the other hand, it is not recommended to use it outdoors because it risks tipping under the effect of the wind. It was really designed to be installed indoors, in environments without weather constraints.

As with most products, the X-Stand comes with a carrying bag.

If desired, you can make an appointment with a representative and come and discover it at the showroom. In this way, it is possible to handle it, to see on site how to assemble and disassemble it and also how to replace the fabric. He is available at all times at the Montreal office. This is valid for the majority of products in the catalog, as it is important to allow customers to fully understand how the structures are assembled and disassembled, how to install the canvas on them, how to connect the LED light units in the light boxes. All these little details that you need to know in order to have a pleasant and hassle-free installation experience.

When ordering a structure, make sure to download the corresponding assembly instructions from the website. You can also ask your M&M representative to send them by email. There are also several product installation videos available on the M&M Graphic Youtube channel.

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