TV Stand with Shelves for EZ-Tube

The TV Stand with Shelves has been designed to install on an Ez-Tube structure. It is therefore 100% compatible with the height of 90”, which is the standardized height of all Ez-Tube supports. It is made from 1.25” diameter aluminum alloy tubing, just like the Ez-Tube mount. The top part interlocks and anchors perfectly on top of the Ez-Tube support. A screw solidifies everything above each vertical side of the TV stand.

The width of the TV stand is 28 inches. It therefore makes it possible to accommodate a television of this format.

Black plastic tips are inserted into the bottom of the legs to avoid damaging the surface that covers the floor or the carpet.

The TV stand comes in one (1) piece, pre-assembled. It therefore requires no tools.

It should be noted that the TV comes as an extra, and is therefore not included in the price of the TV stand which appears on the last page of the catalog, in the “Accessories” section. It is however possible to order the TV by asking a representative to do so. He will thus be able to explain the options available with suppliers for this type of product, with which M&M benefits from volume prices. Additional delays may be added in the event that a television must be ordered. This electronic product is not kept in inventory, but can be ordered specially to help customers.

In both cases, this product is kept in inventory. It is therefore possible to order it without delay. The TV stand does not allow you to install a canvas. It’s really only designed to support a 28-inch TV screen and offer shelves for distributing promotional materials.

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