What sets M&M Graphic apart from other fabric printing companies?

Of course, M&M Graphic is not the only fabric sublimation printer in Quebec. Even less in North America. But what sets it apart from other printers in the same industry? A lot of things ! In this article, we will highlight what sets M&M Graphic apart from other fabric printers in its industry and what specializations make the company unique.

First of all, M&M Graphic is a pioneer in its field. It was the first company to offer a fabric sublimation printing service in the late 1970s. But at that point, printing was done analog. In the early 2000s, a new printing process revolutionized the industry: they arrived with their first digital fabric printing presses.

In a previous article, we presented the history of fabric printing in terms of technological advances, from 1850 to today. But it’s worth remembering who the major press manufacturers are when it comes to digital fabric printing: “DuPont introduced the Artistri concept in 2001, and Ciba Geigy/Reggiani/Scitex introduced the DReAM concept in 2003, which pioneered digital textile printing for apparel and household needs. »

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/brief-history-dye-sublimation-printing-dr-justin-hayward-hayward/

Thus, M&M Graphic was not only the first company to present itself as a digital fabric sublimation printer in Quebec, but it is also the company with the most expertise. A specialization that required a lot of investment, research and energy to develop printing and finishing techniques that are still up to date today.

It is thanks to this unique expertise that his team is able to take charge of a complete project, from the beginning to the end of its manufacture. From the design of the project, we invite the client to integrate into the design stage so that he can make the most of what technologies can offer. Maximum fabric roll widths, production capacity, type of fabric, manufacturing time, possibility of unique design according to plans, realization of special projects and availability of manufacturing service for custom-designed structures: M&M is equipped and has the skills to complete an entire project. Of course, it must be a project that requires printed fabric with or without structure.

However, M&M Graphic’s team of experts are well aware of the competition. Even if these companies are few and relatively young. They lack the experience of production, plant management, inventories, print quality and finishing that M&M specialists offer. Getting started as a sublimation fabric printer is quite a challenge. This type of impression is particular, very different from all the others. The fabric deforms a little when printed, due to the chemistries of the inks, but mainly due to the heat process in the calenders, when the ink fuses into the fiber of the fabric, a process characteristic of sublimation. This phenomenon requires that several tests be carried out in order to control the percentage of shrinkage of the fabrics according to the composition of the fiber of the fabric, the format of the canvas to be printed, the temperatures and speeds selected by the press operator, and also finally to ink coverage. All of these factors influence the printing process. Getting started in this industry requires a lot of skills and technological expertise to succeed and meet ever-increasing expectations.

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