Drop flag

The Drop flag is one of three promotional flag designs in the M&M catalog. The other two are the Windsail and the Square. The Drop flag is so named because it is in the shape of a drop. It is also called “Beach flag”, but this can be confusing as this term does not specify the shape of the flag and technically any of the flags can be displayed on the beach.

The Drop flag is available in four (4) sizes: extra-small, small, medium and large. It can also be printed on one side only, or on both sides (recto-verso).

In the first case, so in single-sided printing, the canvas that is chosen is the “Flag” fabric, which is translucent to a certain degree. Thus, the printed visual is visible from both sides. However, it is reversed on the back. This is important to remember when designing the graphic layout. Some customers do not want to see the text or logo reversed.

In the second case, so in double-sided printing, the recommended fabric is “Blocker” or “NightStar”. These fabrics have a black “liner” in the center and a printable white weave on each side. Thus, the ink printed on one side is not visible on the other side. To print a double-sided flag, it is important to use the right template, which is double-sided, in addition to choosing the right format. As the back of the flag has an inverted shape to that of the front, it must therefore be taken into account in the assembly of the electronic document, otherwise there is a risk of there being elements which will be outside the printable area.

The Drop flag can be ordered alone, i.e. the canvas only, or with the set including its pole and its carrying bag. If you wish to add a base, it must be chosen from the models offered and ordered separately. M&M Graphic offers five stock bases: the Stake, Indoor Chrome Base, Outdoor Cross Base, Flat Base, and Car “V” Base. Their uses and prices are different.

M&M Graphic’s manufacturing workshop produces hundreds of flags of different types every week, thanks to its modern and efficient equipment and productive operators. The standard production time for an order of flags is 5 working days. However, if the order has a high volume of units to produce, i.e. 20 or more, or it is in high season *, it is possible that we need 10 or 15 working days to deliver the order. In any case, the advisors will always give the right time as to possible deadlines and will do everything to accommodate clients.

At M&M Graphic, customer service is a priority and has been since 1976.

(*): Period that can generally occur in the fall and spring, depending on the volume of orders for the various products.

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