Ez-Tube Wall

The Ez-Tube Wall is a freestanding structure covered with a printed canvas. This is the most popular structure among all products of its kind in the catalog. This is understandable: its assembly is surprisingly simple, with its numbered tube sections, in addition to retaining the tube sections together with a rope to avoid losing parts. By the same token, this allows for faster assembly.

The structure of the Ez-Tube Wall is made from an aluminum alloy with a satin finish. Tube sections fit inside each other and lock with locking knobs. The diameter of the tubes is 1.5”. A pair of legs is attached to the bottom of the structure to ensure its stability.

The canvas, on the other hand, is available in single-sided or double-sided display. In the case of the front, we use a black fabric that we will sew on the back. In the case of double-sided, both sides are printed and then sewn back to back. A zipper is sewn at the bottom of the canvas so that it is tight on the structure.
The Ez-Tube is available in seven (7) size choices, the widths of which vary, but the height remains the same: 24” x 90”, 36” x 90”, 48” x 90” , 60” x 90”, 96” x 90”, 115” x 90” and 240” x 90”.

The Ez-Tube Wall offers one more possibility compared to other structures: it is possible to modify it so that it has a particular, non-standard format. How is it possible ? As the structure is designed from sections of tubing, it is possible to cut the tubing or remove sections. Thus, a structure can be provided in a format different from the seven (7) formats already provided. Structural modification costs then apply. It will also be necessary to plan for additional production delays. Talk to an M&M consultant to learn all about structural changes.

Also, another option of the Ez-Tube Wall structure is the possibility of replacing its round corners with square corners. These are the two top corners that connect the top horizontal part with the two left and right vertical sides. This option is particularly appreciated by our customers who wish to order several Ez-Tube Walls and place them side by side in a living room or showroom space to create an atmosphere and delimit the space.

Finally, a last possibility is offered with the Ez-Tube Wall support. These are double legs. They are designed to accommodate posts of different supports, but connected to each other, to follow on from the previous explanation. We therefore replace the traditional single legs with double legs, and thus we obtain great structural connectors. There will be an extra charge for double legs.

As with all Ez-Tube structures, LED lighting is available as an option.

Shelves can also be added to the structure, as well as a TV stand.

Please note that the Ez-Tube Wall has been designed for indoor use only. It is therefore not recommended to use it outdoors.

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