Tablecloths produced in China

Features :

  • same tablecloths as those produced at the M&M workshop in Montreal
  • for larger quantities
  • favorable price, longer production times
  • fewer choices of formats and finishes

The tablecloths produced by M&M are printed and personalized, like all the other canvases. Available in all sizes, they can be round, square or rectangular. A range of 45 formats which are the most common is offered, but it is possible to produce absolutely all formats, including non-standard formats. In addition, three different types of finish are available: standard, box or fit. It is suggested to communicate with a representative to obtain a quote for any tablecloth project.

Since M&M Graphic exists, the production of tablecloths is carried out at the Montreal workshop. In general, it is easy and fast to produce in 5 to 10 working days, depending on the traffic.

Since 2018, we also offer the production service in China, in order to remain competitive and offer the best possible costs to customers. On the other hand, for any production in China, orders must be for a minimum of three units, and call for a delay of 15 to 20 working days or more. Before ordering, it is important to ask yourself what is the priority: the speed of production or the best price?

As far as quality is concerned, the production carried out in China is now comparable to that of the M&M workshop in Montreal. It is the finish that will vary as well as the availability of formats. For example, at the Montreal workshop, the choice is great and the speed of production is advantageous. In China, on the other hand, you get better prices, but only two formats and two types of finish are available.

As for the differences in finish, there are a few.

First of all, the standard finish tablecloths produced in Montreal are laser cut, and without seams, unless requested. The result is a tablecloth that hangs well and does not fray. In China, the finish for the same tablecloths is with a finishing seam on all four sides.

This gives a more traditional look and results in the edges tending to curve more.

Another difference: the tablecloths produced in Montreal offer the possibility of applying the “box” finish. This type of finish is unique to M&M and is not available when production takes place in China. This finish consists of sewing square silicone rods inside the tablecloth, opposite the vertical edges, so that the tablecloth has the appearance of a box (hence the name “box”).

Third and final finish: the “fit” finish. This finish aims to produce a tablecloth that will resist winds and wrap your table with tension in the fabric. To achieve such an effect, one must print on a fabric which has the characteristic of being very elastic and which makes it possible to offer this tension. In this case, we must make sure to choose the right template for the graphic file, because its shape is very different from the other two types of tablecloths. The “fit” finish is available both at the Montreal workshop and in China.

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