The Roll Up

The Roll Up stand is a product that has always been popular. Light, easy to assemble and affordable, it proves to be a good product to display both at the stand in a trade show and at the entrance of a store to attract customers.
The Roll Up is a self-supporting support that is composed of an aluminum base and a canvas. Inside the base is a roller system that holds the printed canvas in tension. An aluminum tube inserted into the base holds the visual straight at the back, which fits into a horizontal aluminum bar at the top.

Available in four different formats (100A, 100B, 100C and 100DS), it offers several possibilities.

The 100A model has dimensions of 31.5” x 79”. It is available in single-sided print only. This is the best-selling model since it was added to the catalog several years ago.

The 100B model, on the other hand, has the dimensions of 39.5” x 79”. Like the 100A model, it is available in one-sided printing only.

Similar to the two models described previously, the 100C model has the same base, but in a wider version. Its size is 59” x 79”. Also available in single-sided print, it is the second best seller for this product category.

Finally, the 100DS model is the only one available in double-sided printing, since it consists of two printed canvases placed back to back. Its format is 31.5” x 79”, just like the Roll Up model 100A. Be careful not to confuse the templates for the preparation of digital files, as this could mislead the people of the production team. This could result in a delivery that does not correspond to what was desired.

These four models, 100A, 100B, 100C and 100DS, are available in stock at all times. This product is standard and the corresponding canvas is quick to produce. We must therefore only reserve five (5) working days for the production of the Roll Up canvas.

This product is very popular with customers because it allows you to change visuals quickly. To this end, it should be noted that the canvas replacement service is offered at a low additional cost. To do this, simply inform a representative and bring the existing support to the workshop. Once the new canvas has been produced, the old canvas will be uninstalled and the new canvas will be installed in the Roll Up. However, in the case of a canvas replacement, it is possible that the production time will be longer, in order to allow the production team to properly carry out the modification.

An M&M representative will be able to provide all the information about the Roll Up supports. He will be happy to explain all the details of this product. If necessary, a meeting can be organized at the workshop so that the representative demonstrates the use of the Roll Up.

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