The T-Cube

The T-Cube is another great bespoke product that consists of a frame and printed fabrics. As its name suggests, it is a cube. In fact, its structure has the appearance of a rectangular prism or a cube. An acrylic panel can also be provided to close the top of the structure, either to transform it into a podium or a promotional counter.

It is also possible to leave the structure open at the top, for example if the T-Cube is intended as a decorative or directional column.

The other possibility is to cover all or part of the faces of the T-Cube with fabrics to create an architectural or decorative effect. Canvases can be opaque, semi-opaque, or backlit. The T-Cube is used both in stores and for event projects, such as shows or experiential places, such as Illumi in Laval for example.

The T-Cube is made entirely to measure at the Montreal workshop. We can therefore decide on the exact measurements for the manufacture of it. The structure is constructed from twelve (12) unique T-Cube extrusions, then joined together with a set of eight (8) corners. Connections are secured with Allen type screws inside the corners. Assembly is quick and easy. Besides, you can order the T-Cube in spare parts or preassembled. Just tell a representative when ordering from M&M Graphic.

For a more spectacular effect, it is possible to install lighting inside the T-Cube structure. Two (2) types of lighting are generally used: a large LED light bulb fixed in the center with a crossbar, or LED light modules fixed inside the side extrusions, vertical or both. This product is customizable as desired.

In the event that a client wishes to build a custom stand that stands out, it happens that we manufacture luminous T-Cubes that are suspended above the stand or even integrated into it, at ground level. The cubes can be covered with fabrics printed in vivid colors, diffusing the light in a brilliant way and attracting the eye for sure.

As it is necessary to allow sufficient time for the cutting of the extrusions, the assembly, the printing of the canvases, and in some cases cutting an acrylic panel for the top, we must make sure to allow more time than an order standard. T-Cube structures are individually hand-built and pre-assembled before being disassembled for packaging. All of these steps take time. If in addition LED lighting is to be integrated, this further extends the production time.

As with all products, M&M Graphic provides all hardware and parts required for the light kit when ordered as an option. A set of Allen wrenches are also included for any screws to be tightened during assembly, as well as connectors for the LED light wires and transformer(s). No tools are required for the installation of the shades.

It is important to always confirm with the representative the expected production times for the fulfillment of an order. In the case of resellers, it is important to validate the production deadline with M&M before promising a date to the customer.

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