An original and versatile product, easy to assemble, which suits for different types of applications. It can be used as a column, a stand table, a hanging cube, etc. Available in a variety of sizes, or custom-made. Shades can be opaque, semi-opaque, or backlit to diffuse light.

Suggested retail price 862.75 $2744.00 $

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Included in price

Frames with Corners
Frames with Corners
Printed Canvases
Printed Canvases

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 8.5 × 8.5 in

48”x48”x96”, 48”x48”x72”, 36”x36”x48”, 30”x30”x30”, 24”x36”x42”, 24”x24”x96”, 24”x24”x72”, 24”x24”x48”, 20”x20”x42”, 18”x18”x48”, 18”x18”x36”

  • Made from 12 particular aluminum extrusions assembled using eight (8) corners, over which are stretched printed canvases. 
  • Connections are secured with Allen type screws.
  • The fabrics can be replaced in a few seconds and without tools: a silicone rod is sewn on the four sides, for insertion in the front groove of the frames on each side of the cube. 
  • Acrylic panel available as an option to cover the top of the cube (to close the top of the structure or to transform it into a podium or a promotional counter). 
  • The T-Cube is available in spare parts or pre-assembled. 
  • For a more spectacular effect, you can install lighting inside the structure: either a large LED light bulb fixed in the center thanks to a crossbar, or even LED lighting modules fixed inside the lateral, vertical or both extrusions. 
  • Ask for quote from customer service.

Fabric: FlexTex - Stretchy fabric, 100% polyester, wrinkle-free, good opacity, fire-resistant


Lifetime Warranty

  • The warranty applies only to structures with a manufacturing defect.
  • Damage caused by accident or misuse of the product is not covered by the Lifetime Warranty.
  • This warranty applies to the structure only. The visuals, banners or graphic panels are not covered by this one.

M&M Graphic Warranty

With its M & M Guarantee Graphic is committed to delivering quality print works in accordance with the terms and conditions listed below.

  • This warranty applies to all printing or finishing defects caused by M&M Graphic or that do not correspond to the specifications and / or customer-approved proof.
  • The M&M Graphic Warranty is valid fifteen (15) days after delivery of the product.

Note: For any printed canvas with internal use, the guarantee against fading is 5 years if there is no UV contact.

The T-Cube The T-Cube

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