Tents produced by M&M Graphic in Montreal

The tents made by the team of specialists at M&M Graphic are robust and of high quality. The structures are produced from an aluminum alloy. Its profile is hexagonal in shape. This feature further enhances the strength and durability of vertical posts. Unlike traditional tents which have a structure with square profiles, the poles which are made with a hexagonal shape are much more resistant to bad weather and various handling during transport or during assembly.

With its lock button design, the tent structure is easy to set up even for one person. Simply unfold the structure, raise the roof by pushing up on each of the four mid-height legs, push in the locking button to lock the structure in this position, then push up the center pole of the roof to secure deploy the structure. Be sure to lock the position by pressing the lock button. It then remains to reassemble everything by deploying each of the legs upwards. The hexagonal profile of the legs is telescopic, so it is easy to do so by locking each leg as you go up the roof section.

The printed canvas that covers the roof is made of quality, weather-resistant polyester. The fabric used for the tents has a waterproof coating. In heavy rains, it can allow water to pass through the hollows of the roof; it is therefore preferable to put the tent under cover when there are strong winds or if violent storms are forecast.

As for the walls or half-walls of the tent, they can be printed on one side only, or on both sides.

Like most structures, the tent comes with its carrying bag. Equipped with wheels, it will make everyone’s life easier when on the move.

To ensure stability during installation, especially outdoors and in a situation where there is a risk of gusts of wind, it is advisable to secure the legs to the ground by driving a nail or a stake into each leg. A perforation is already present to facilitate this step. You can also order rubber weights to further stabilize the tent on the ground.

It is also possible to have the tent made in China. Chinese-made prices are advantageous. On the other hand, the delays are much longer. You will therefore have to choose between “best price” or “best time”. In terms of quality, the production carried out in China is equivalent to the production at the M&M workshop in Montreal. The structure is identical. The fabric may vary slightly, but the print is of good quality.

Overall, the only real difference between production in China and that of the Montreal workshop is the manufacturing time. Production in Montreal takes about 10 working days, while production in China is at least double that, so 20 working days, sometimes more.

An M&M representative will be able to tell you everything you need to know about tents.

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