Fabric printers in North America compared to Asia

For the past twenty years, international trade has spread globally. M&M Graphic has embraced this new form of business model itself. With the purchase of fabrics in rolls of 10 feet wide, structures for exhibition booths and aluminum extrusions, it was natural and normal to develop partnerships with suppliers in Asia, Europe and the United

Fabric printers in North America compared to those in Europe

Europeans have always been ahead of trends compared to North Americans. They have a lot of influence and greatly inspire creators here. Whether it is inventions, new fashion trends or good environmental practices, the citizens of the old continent are very often at the forefront, it seems. It is even said that they are sometimes

Differences between M&M Graphic and other large format printers

In a previous article, we presented what distinguished M&M Graphic from other sublimation printers on fabric in Quebec. We will now target the main differences between the largest large format printers in Quebec and the production plan proposed by M&M. First of all, the first big difference is that at M&M Graphic, we only print

What sets M&M Graphic apart from other fabric printing companies?

Of course, M&M Graphic is not the only fabric sublimation printer in Quebec. Even less in North America. But what sets it apart from other printers in the same industry? A lot of things ! In this article, we will highlight what sets M&M Graphic apart from other fabric printers in its industry and what

The Manufacturing Printing Service: M&M’s Contribution to Quebec Apparel Designers

For the past decades, M&M Graphic has given itself the mandate to know the fabric printing market in Quebec well and has been able to adapt to its different market segments in order to respond well to the demands of its varied clienteles. For the company, the adage that the customer is king is total

Communication: validate, revalidate and request written confirmation

From the very first contact with the customer, until the end of the production of his order, communication with the M&M Graphic team is paramount. Whether in the form of a phone call, a face-to-face meeting or by email, the representatives and project managers are present and accompany the customer throughout the processing of the

The importance of respecting production budgets

When it comes to budget, respect and accuracy of prices are essential. Unlike offset printing or another type of standard format printing, amounts can get huge quickly in large format display. Especially if additions have to be made during production. The formats are large, often there is volume, and delivery and installation costs are also

Management of contingencies in large format display

Given that the large format display industry serves communication agencies, advertising agencies, show organizers as well as large chain stores, it sometimes happens that the project management team of M&M Graphic has to juggle the unexpected. Sometimes these are internal contingencies, which are easier to manage because the managers are present on site; but sometimes