The T-Cube

The T-Cube is another great bespoke product that consists of a frame and printed fabrics. As its name suggests, it is a cube. In fact, its structure has the appearance of a rectangular prism or a cube. An acrylic panel can also be provided to close the top of the structure, either to transform it

Sublimated Carpet

The carpet offered is a one-of-a-kind product. The material from which this mat is made comes in a roll of 126 inches in width. The production team specializes in printing and cutting rugs in 10 foot widths, or if you prefer in 120” wide format. Since you have to leave extra material for the take-up

TV Stand with Shelves for EZ-Tube

The TV Stand with Shelves has been designed to install on an Ez-Tube structure. It is therefore 100% compatible with the height of 90”, which is the standardized height of all Ez-Tube supports. It is made from 1.25” diameter aluminum alloy tubing, just like the Ez-Tube mount. The top part interlocks and anchors perfectly on

Suspended Structure in Aluminum

The suspended aluminum structure is available mainly in square or round shapes, the two most popular shapes. On the other hand, other original shapes are also available, either in triangle, in football, in circular pellet, in tapered circle or even in the shape of a spindle wheel. The tubes of which the suspended structure is

Circular fiberglass structure

The circular fiberglass structure is an ideal product for hanging a display above a stand at a trade show or exhibition. Designed in fibreglass, the circular structure is made up of two rings, one for the top and one for the bottom. These two rings are supplied in connectable sections. Once assembled, each ring is

Roller Blind

The roller blind is a unique product, both decorative and promotional, depending on the need to be met. It can meet a commercial display need as much as an interior decoration need in a private residence. As all windows have different dimensions, it is made to measure, to the exact width of the window. The

Backpack with Flag

The backpack with flag is a perfect product for mobile promotion in the field. Ideal during outdoor events, several agencies decide to wear the backpack with flag to employees responsible for informing or providing assistance to visitors during shows or sports competitions, for example. As these people are constantly moving through the crowd, they can

The Roll Up

The Roll Up stand is a product that has always been popular. Light, easy to assemble and affordable, it proves to be a good product to display both at the stand in a trade show and at the entrance of a store to attract customers.The Roll Up is a self-supporting support that is composed of

The Pop Up Light

The Pop Up Light is a relatively new product compared to its little brother, the Pop Up Display, which M&M Graphic has had in stock since its inception. Basically, the main difference between the two structures is that the Pop Up Light is backlit while the Pop Up Display is not. However, it is possible

The Pop Up Display

The freestanding Pop Up Display stand is the oldest model of structure appearing in the catalog of M&M Graphic products. It is still very popular because it has several appreciable qualities. The Pop Up Display has been around for a long time, so its model is well known. Its structure expands and contracts easily and